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The Hypnosis Event Season 1

Tim Tarango's Learn NLP At Home
(Video, 1-on-1 Session, Live Coaching, MP3s, Workbook & PDFs)

Tim Tarango's Learn NLP At Home package includes 1 Video, 1-on-1 Coaching Session, 1 Live Coaching, 27 MP3s, 1 Workbook & 5 PDFs that will guide you on your path to becoming a certified NLP practitioner and much more!
Tim Tarango is a Master NLP Trainer & Coach and founder of RapidNLP(dot)com which offers online NLP training and certification courses. Using powerful NLP strategies, Tim helps his clients achieve immediate, massive, and permanent results. Tim graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in business and loves to travel. He's run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, lived in a hut on the beaches of Brazil, and has called three different cities "home" in 2012 alone.
Item #1
Learn NLP At Home Course (MP3s & PDFs) $297.00
Learn NLP At Home Course includes 14 MP3s & 2 PDFs

Includes NLP Practitioner Certification upon completion.

Item #2
The Millionaire Mindset - Home Program (MP3s) $197.00
The Millionaire Mindset includes 6 MP3s on how to program your subconscious mind for wealth attraction.

Step 1: Clearing Negative Influences

Step 2: Millionaire Mindset Hypnosis Sessions

Step 3: Subliminal Hypnosis Session

Step 4: Sleep Learning

Item #3
NLP Success Hacks (Video) $97.00
NLP Success Hacks - How to Accomplish More by Doing Less

The NLP "Success Hacks" video presentation will show you how to accomplish more by doing less. Discover the simple "mental leverage points" successful people use to reach their goals.

Item #4
NLP Interview Series - 7 Interviews (7 MP3s) $329.00
NLP Interview Series - 7 Interviews includes 7 MP3s

Tim Tarango interviews experts on:

  • confidence
  • body language
  • mental toughness
  • persuasion
  • public speaking
  • hypnosis and more.

  1. How to Master Your Body Language for Complete Confidence with Maryann Karinch

  2. How to Develop Mental Toughness with Dr. Eddie O'Connor

  3. Using Personal Magnetism to Influence with Tim David

  4. Presenting with Passion with Sandra Robinson

  5. How to Create Your Own Reality - Lessons from a 'Quick Change Artist' with Suzy Prudden

  6. The Recipe For Happy Relationships with Ryan DePriest

  7. 5 One-Minute Stress Busters with Nancy Lubin

Item #5
7 Steps for Exceptional Coaching (E-Book PDF) $97.00
This 38-page workbook shows you how to become a leader and applies NLP techniques from the Learn NLP At Home Course with your team members and private coaching clients.
Item #6
NLP Reports (2 PDFs) $54.00
NLP Reports includes 2 PDFs

  1. "4 NLP Sales Techniques to Rapidly Increase Your Profit"

  2. "The Hypnotic Influence Special Report"
Item #7
30-Minute NLP Acceleration Session $297.00
30-Minute NLP Acceleration Session (One-on-one phone coaching)

Private 30-Minute NLP Acceleration Session with Master NLP Trainer & Coach Tim Tarango ensures you get immediate, massive, and permanent results with the programs you purchase today.

Item #8
The Secrets of Power Persuasion (Live Coaching) $297.00
"The Secrets of Power Persuasion"

"The Secrets of Power Persuasion" Live 90-Minute Teleseminar Coaching and Q&A with Tim Tarango

Item #9
Overcome Procrastination (Workbook) $297.00
Overcome Procrastination & Take Massive Action Home Training Course - How to Accomplish More in the Next 30 Days than You Have in the Past 6 Months

This is a physical workbook and will be shipped to your door.

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